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Re-Creating My Worlds

So it would appear my computer ate, or Maxis destroyed, all my saved Sims 3 experiments I had been journaling. Which is unfortunate in many ways, because they all took a lot of time and effort to plan and create.

So now I need to decide if I will attempt another experiment to potentially lose again, or if I just want to continue playing casual games with no real ‘flavor’ or story to them.

Decisions, decisions…


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Rock My Pebble

I’ve had my Pebble watch (www.getpebble.com) for several months, and it is the second device (aside from my phone, obviously) I will never, ever go anywhere without. 

It has saved my sanity at work – our office rule is our phones & other devices are not allowed out on our desks, so having all my notifications available on my wrist is truly a lifesaver. When I’m listening to music (with Bluetooth headphones, too!) I can use my Pebble to skip a track I don’t want to hear at that time.

It saves me from needing my phone in the same room with me at the house. I can keep it on my desk on the second floor, and it stays connected throughout the house. If I get a message or a call, I know exactly what it is, and if I need to drop everything and attend to it or not. It keeps me from pulling the phone out of my pocket if I’m trying to cook, and nobody wants chicken guts on their jeans. With it being waterproof up to five atmospheres, I can keep it on while I’m working in the kitchen, trying to wash clothes, or if I decide to go for a swim.

I’ve found a website that will let you design your own watch face for the Pebble, using a simple step-by-step process that gives you a link or QA code to download the face to your device to push to the Pebble. Of course I made a Sailor Moon watch face.

Now that the SDK has been released in the last month or so, I’m so excited to see what else the Pebble community comes up with in the very near future. 

Yours In Tech,


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The Smiths, Ep. 2 – The Kindness of Strangers

(Note: Photos get bigger when you click on them.)

Living without plumbing is troublesome.

Especially when you’re disgusted by other’s odors.










So it’s a very good thing there are neighbors around who will let you in.

If you’re Jeb, they’ll not only let you in, but let you have free reign of the house for almost a full day.

Jeb & Kyle’s neighbor in the next lot over is a single man who likes talking to each of them when they stop by. He’s perfectly content to let Jeb use the amenities while he watches television.







ALL of the amenities.
















Every last one.













And to thank his neighbor for letting him reign through the entire house, Jeb has a special way of showing his gratitude.

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The Rodans, Ep. 1 – Generation Gap

Kelsey Rodan lost her parents in a tragic llama racing accident that left three Sims crippled and five locked up in a psychiatric ward. Being a teenager, she’s been left with no choice but to leave her home town and move in with her grandfather, Grampy.

They don’t have the best relationship.



He employs scare tactics.









Is Mean-Spirited.








I think the sink may have been dirty in this argument.






Grampy is a typical grouchy old grandfather – I found him grumbling about every item I furnished their house with. He’s also Inappropriate, prone to taking sponge baths when a perfectly clean tub is right next to the sink. Fortunately he’s not turned to sponge baths in the kitchen.

He argues with Kelsey a lot. He insults her parents, and frequently embarrasses and insults her.













Giving her some time alone, I sent him to the city center.

He promptly got someone to give him some Simoleans. He’s a Mooch.











This is how Grampy thanks him…











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The Smiths – Episode 1

I tried another experiment in The Sims 3. This time, seeing how little a family could keep going with.

So I created the Smiths. The father’s name is Jeb. The son, Kyle. Jeb is a psychopath, Kyle is a good little boy just trying to get good grades in school, and not get ostracized  for his odor.

I gave them a fairly nice park to live in.









Neither of them show much interest in the pond, though I know they could fish for food if I told them to. My policy is normally never to force them into a situation unless it’s completely imperative.

When I created Jeb and Kyle, I expected Jeb to be completely rude to Kyle, since he’s mean & completely nuts. However, I found them in a raucous game of tag.















For some entertainment other than exhausting themselves, I sent them to the park. Unfortunately they don’t leave the lot unless you essentially order them to go somewhere.






Jeb immediately made “friends” and started berating him for having a Good trait.







Since they were tired out, I sent them home to sleep.




At least I gave them comfortable park benches…






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Household Family, Episode 2

The Household’s house was already built in the city, so it was just a matter of dumping them all in the front yard and going at it. This is how I found it when I started adding furniture.


They thought it’d be appropriate for the refrigerator to stay outside, I suppose….

I added beds, dining table & chairs, bookshelf, outdoor seating, toys for the little girl, an easel, and I upgraded several appliances and fixtures.


They still have to sleep in one room…


Someone broke the sink in the kitchen. Naturally they all gather around to stress over it. Head’s mopping the puddle, and since Chandra’s not there (it was during school hours, the adults don’t work yet), the repair person is just coming in.


Another shot of the panic than ensues when a faucet is broken. I think at least one of them was trying to get them all out of the room so they can ‘go.’ The others were either trying to fix something, mop something, or clean something.

Right now, they’re all fairly content. They lounge and read on their beds, primarily (they’re top of the line twin beds!) and chat each other up frequently. I’m thinking up ways to turn the screws on the Household household.

Yours in tech,


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Household family, Episode 1 – The Sims

I’ve been messing around with the Sims again. I have both Sims 2 (with some expansion packs) and 3. I have always found Sims 3 a little more difficult to work with, especially when you’re making larger families.

In this series of posts, in an attempt to revitalize this blog, I’m going to tell the story of the Household family.


We’ll start off with Head.

Yes, he’s Head Household. I had this bright idea to make them all strangely named – “Head,” “Wife,” “Child,” and so forth, but I lost my momentum after Head. Oh well. He’s the blonde male being scared by the teen in the orange top. His traits are:

  • Absent-Minded
  • Good Sense of Humor
  • Neurotic
  • Neat
  • Easily Impressed

He’s obsessed with cleaning the house. I watch him check the faucets on the sinks in the house repeatedly. The only thing he can’t put away are the children’s toys. I haven’t figured out why yet.

Next is Celia. She’s the one in the suit jacket & jeans. Her traits are:

  • Over-Emotional
  • Natural Cook
  • Bookworm
  • Coward
  • Friendly

I hear her tweak out from time to time, and I just can’t figure out exactly why. Oh well. She likes to cook, and keeps the fridge stocked with leftovers the kids grab when they’ve overslept.

Chuck is the third adult in the family, the one with the mo-hawk and leather jacket. He’s the odd one out because each child has a parent, but he’s just kind of..there. His traits:

  • Over-Emotional
  • Couch Potato
  • Daredevil
  • Artistic
  • Charismatic

When I exited the game, one of his goals was to be IN a fire.

Chandra is the teen, daughter of Celia. She’s the gear head in the family. Her traits:

  • Brave
  • Flirty
  • Handy
  • Evil

I threw Evil in there just to give some spice to the house. She enjoys sneaking around, fixing the sinks when the other Sims break them, and does her homework without prodding from the Overseer.

Almond is the last character, the little girl. Her father is Head. Her traits:

  • Clumsy
  • Perfectionist
  • Neat

She also does her homework without prodding, which I’ve never seen happen in any other games I’ve run.

Next post, I’ll talk about the environment I’ve set up for them.

Yours in tech,


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On Podcasting. Again.

I’m toying with the idea of podcasting again. I’ve started the preliminary research. I’m thinking about formats, titles, music, hosting. I’ve even entertained thoughts on a co-host or co-hosts. But I can’t help but think that this endeavor will end up like the last podcasting adventure. Flat on its face after a year & only a handful of episodes.

It will be more difficult to record, because I’m not the only one in the house anymore. I still have my old condenser mic, I could plug it into my MacBook Air & record that way, but I think that’s too cumbersome. Is it worth it to get a recording device that can stand on its own, like the Zoom H1 that’s coming out in just a few days? I can use it for other things besides podcasting, obviously, but it would be its primary function. More portable, by a long shot, easier to just fire up & record things as necessary.

I guess I need to keep thinking about it. If I decide to head into this deal, I do plan on doing things differently from last time.  I never banked up recorded episodes, which is a huge no-no. I never thought about what I was talking about, I just ended up rambling about things, never thinking about whether someone was even interested in listening to me yammer or not.

I’ll make a decision in a few months, after I’ve had some more time to think, and plot, and save funds. Something may have to be cut from my schedule, too, but I’m not quite sure yet. I may be able to sneak recording in around other things I’m doing. We’ll see.


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Okay, I admit it

The iPad, despite its insanely stupid name, is pretty nifty. Even if it is an overblown iPod Touch. I’m going to call it the iTab, because it was my boyfriends’ really good idea, & I think I might have to start cutting myself if I have to keep referring to it by its feminine products’ name.

I will not be getting an iTab for probably quite some time. Years, I’m sure. There are very specific reasons for this, that I plan to outline in the next few paragraphs. Follow along with me…

1 – There is no multitasking – This is big for me, since I prefer to swap between several things at once, to either copy/paste from one thing to another, verify information, or entertain myself while I’m waiting for a response from an IM or whatever.

2 – No expandable media – Its another big one for me, I like to keep either SD cards or USB drives around for transferring files or just storage. If this option came available, I’d totally snap one up.

3 – No USB ports – not so terrible when it has bluetooth available, you can get an earpiece/mic combo. But I’d also like to connect it to a flash drive or maybe even my USB condenser mic for super-quiet audio recording.

4 – Attached battery – This is far-flung into the future, I’m sure, but what happens if the battery craps out? I have to buy a whole new machine, or send it away for a replacement, that’s what. Also, they’re probably planning on all the Apple fanboys to throw down their Vers 1 iTabs in favor of whatever they bring out for Vers 2, totally making the worry of a battery wearing out or dying a moot point.

5 – No camera – This was a major fail on Apple’s part. I mean, even iPod Nanos have cameras now! Major fail.

6 – Flash support is iffy in iTab’s browser. I’ve read things that say “yea, it works” and other places say, “no, Flash fail.” So I don’t know which is true.

7 – Unless there’s a pop-up touch pad built in to the apps/programs you use, you need an external keyboard. I hate this. I either want to write ON it, which I CAN’T, or I wanna tap buttons to write. Unless I learn that this is available, this is another X in the No Wai category.

These are my gripes about the iTab so far. If you think my info is totally incorrect, please feel free to comment. Just post links in your comment of where you found your information 🙂

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Sucked into Trek

Yes, I was.

Star Trek Online. It’s got me hook, line, and sinker, and I have no regrets.

I have pre-ordered the MMO, and have already purchased a Lifetime Subscription. That essentially means I get two more character slots and have to ability to create a “Freed” Borg Drone. I also get to start playing earlier (nyah nyah!) than people who are simply waiting for the game’s launch on February 2nd. There was a promotion being run by a restaurant chain called Del Taco – which doesn’t have any locations in my area – that would give you a code for a small shuttle craft ‘pet’ to follow you around when you fly through space. I had cried on Twitter for someone to get a code for me, and I found out they were being offered on Ebay for about 10 dollars, but I got a friend of a friend to get me a code free.

I don’t plan on going into complaints about Cryptic’s infrastructure, because others more technically minded about those things will do enough complaining for me. I have faith that Cryptic will iron out all the wrinkles and the server disconnects will cease as their full-blown systems are brought online during the official launch.

I am completely blown away by the extensive list of variables for customizing your characters and (to a lesser extent) the ships your characters pilot. I can adjust everything from the size of their eyebrows to the size of their shoes (that variable I’m not particularly sure of, I was initially overwhelmed at the list of variables to adjust and just stopped in favor of diving straight into the game). I can make a character that will most likely never look like any other character in the game.

I am absolutely thrilled to have this game. I’ve been hoping that something Star Trek related would come out as an MMO.

Mind you, I still plan to continue to play World of Warcraft. I’ll talk some about that in a future post, perhaps.

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